SONET Synchronous Optical Network
SQL Structure Query Language
Sale Agreement A contract entered into between a buyer and seller, setting forth the terms, provisions and conditions of a sale of real estate.
Sales Commission Fee paid to Agent or Broker for negotiating the sale of property. Generally buyer for the sale of a particular parcel or parcels of real estate.
Sanitary Sewer A sewer carrying waste products, as opposed to rainwater.
Satellite Cities A concept designed to stop urban sprawl to the suburbs. The satellite city leaves as undeveloped area between itself and a major city, rather than the gradual expansion of the major city. Satellite ci
Saturation Zone The layer of ground which serves as a reservoir, feeding springs, wells, and sreams, rather than feeding vegetation or evaporating. Below the aeration zone.
Saw-Tooth Roof A series of single pitched roofs, resembling the sharp edge of a saw. Usually used in factories and contains windows in each facing to allow maximum lighting. Not used in modern construction.
Scale used in maps, blueprints, and other diagrams where the drawing represents a large area. Example : One inch in a road map may equal ten miles actual distance. This ratio is the scale.
Scantling Lumber Boards used in construction which are from 2 to 6, and 8 or less wide.
Schematic Design A design resulting from the inspection of the site and conferences with the client concerning the building program. The clients needs and requirements are carefully analyzed. Zoning regulations and co
Sea Level The level of the sea, at mean tide.
Security Deposit Deposit to assure performance.
Sedimentary Rock One of the 3 major classifications of rocks. Rocks formed from sediment, such as suspension in water. Sandstones, limestones, and shales, are some examples.
Self-Supporting Walls Walls which support only their own weight. Not load-bearing.
Sellers Market The market condition which exists when a seller is in a more commanding position as to price and terms because demand exceeds supply.
Sellers Market The market condition which exists when a seller is in a more commanding position as to price and terms because demand exceeds supply.
Septic System A sewage system, whereby waste is drained through pipes and a tile field into a septic tank. Found in areas where city or county sewers have not yet been installed, or where these have been installed,
Septic Tank An underground tank in which sewage from the house is reduced to liquid by bacterial action and drained off.
Service Line The gas or water line which runs from the main line (usually at the street ) to the property to be served.
Service Road A road running alongside a limited access highway, for use by abutting owners, and as a transition road from the highway to local streets. Also called a frontage road.
Set Back Ordinance An ordinance requiring improvement built on property to be a specified distance from the property line, street or curb.
Set-Off (1) A construction term relating to the reduction of the thickness of a wall, or any recess or sunken panel of the wall. (2) A legal term meaning a counter demand to a claim. In condemnation, the bene
Sewage Liquid or solid waste material of humans, animals, or industry.
Sewer A pipe or other conduit, generally underground, which carries either waste materials or water from rainfall, or melting snow to a point of disposal.
Shoe A trim molding, covering the juncture of baseboard and floor.
Shop Drawings Drawings made by the various trades reflecting construction of items on the contract documents, a necessary step between the architects drawings and actual construction. Shop drawings speak not merely
Shopping A general term, covering a number of types of clustered retail stores with common parking and ownership or management.
Side Ditch A ditch running alongside a highway to carry of excess rainfall. May be paved, contain portions of large metal or clay pipe, or simply be of dirt or grass.
Site A general term signifying a plot of land suitable or set aside for any specific use.
Site Analysis The study of a specific parcel of land (and the surrounding area) to determine its suitability for a specific Use.
Slab The reinforced concrete floor between beams, or supporting columns or walls. Also , any large thin area of concrete such as a wall, roof, or balcony.
Slope The angle of a grade as measured from a level surface.
Soft Water Water that does not contain large amounts of dissolved minerals such as salts containing calcium or magnesium.
Softwood Wood such as pine or fir, as distinguished from hardwood such as maple or oak. In construction, especially in flooring, softwoods and plywoods have become more popular because they cost less than the
Soil The top layer of earth, in which plants grow, and through which water drains.
Soil Map A map showing the different types of soil in a given area.
Spreader Dam A dam built in such a way as to divert water to either side, thus causing the water to spread over a given area.
Square A unit of measurement in roofing or siding, 1010 (i.e., 100 square Ft.)
Square Foot Cost The cost of one square foot of floor space in a building or of land. Usually used to determine rental price of a building. When used for land, usually to determine a sale price.
Storm Sewer A sewer carrying off rainwater. May also carry off industrial waste, such as chemicals, although many areas now forbid this.
Subcontractor One who performs contractual work for developer or general contractor.
Subdivision A legal definition of those divisions of real property for the purpose of sale, lease, or financing which are regulated by law. For examples see : California Business and Professions Cod, Sections 110
Subdivision Map A map submitted by a sub-divider to the proper governmental body for approval, in order to establish a subdivision. When the map is approved and recorded, it becomes the basis for the legal descriptio
Subsurface Rights The rights, whether by fee or easement, to oil, gas, or minerals , below a certain depth beneath the surface of land. The right of surface entry may or may not be excluded, and is important to the va
Suburban The area around a city. Usually residential, with small businesses, although modernly an attraction for large industrial and commercial complexes.
Succession If a person dies without leaving a will, the law provides for the disposition of decedents property. This is called intestate succession. A large number of special rules are included in the law depend
Suite A group of rooms in a hotel, motel or private home, considered as one unit. Usually contains a minimum of one bedroom, a sitting room, and bathroom.
Superstructure That part of a building or other structure above the ground of foundation.
Survey The process of measuring land to determine its size, location and physical description. Also, the maps or plats showing the results of a survey.
S/E Split Entry (or Split Level)
Sp. Ft Square Feet
Sale and Leaseback An arrangement , whereby a freeholder or lessee sells his interest in a property for an agreed sum and takes back a lease on the whole or part of the property from the purchaser, generally either at a
Sales Contract A written agreement stating the terms of the sale agreed to by both buyer and seller.
Salvage Value It is the estimate of sale price of the old building after it has completed its probable service life. An old bungalow of 70 years age, still in occupation of owner will have only salvage value in the
Security Deposit Comprises of an interest free lump sum payment to the landlord at the commencement of the lease, which is refundable at the end of the lease term. Though the deposit amount varies depending on city,
Site Plans A drawing of an area of land, on a horizontal plane, showing the boundaries and physical extent of the land included in a particular parcel. It may also show any existing buildings or the proposed lay
Special Value It is a value to an individual buyer or seller for personal reasons. A person may pay 20% higher price for a flat than its market price, because his brother stays in the adjoining flat.
Statutory Value It is the value of the property estimated in accordance with the provisions of the concerned statute. Value for Wealth Tax purpose is worked out as per rule 3/ schedule III of W.T. Act. It is not mark
Stigma Value It is the estimate of price offered by unwilling purchasers due to some stigma attached to the property. A house may be believed to be haunted or it is built on burial ground. It will have low price.
Sub Leasing A method wherein, the primary lessee of a property has the right to further lease out a part or whole of the property to another occupier or lessee. Essentially, the right to sub lease is decided befo
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