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Town house One of a row of houses usually of the same or similar design with common side walls or with a very narrow space between adjacent side walls.
Tenant The party who has legal possession and use of real property belonging to another.
Termination of Easements May be extinguished or terminated in several ways, including express release, legal proceeding, non-use of a prescriptive easement for five years, abandonment, merger of the servient tenement and the
Terra Cotta Literally “ baked Earth”. A hard baked, glazed or unglazed, ceramic material used architecturally as a decorative surface for facings and tiles.
Terrace (1) A common synonym for a balcony in a residence. (2) A series of flat cuts bulldozed into a slope, on which houses are constructed (3) The natural levels of sloping ground, usually alongside water a
Testament A will.
Third Party Persons who are not parties to a contract which affects an interest they have in the object of the contract.
Tie Beam A beam which acts to hold other structural members together, as a beam of a roof. Also called a collar tie.
Tile A General term used to describe ceramic materials used for floors, facing of walls, and trim, also square, flat materials of many varieties of both composition and usage, such as acoustical ceiling t
Timber A general term applied to trees, standing or cut. Wood of a large size. Usually a piece of wood larger than 4”×4” in cross-section.
Title (1) A combination of all the elements that constitute the highest legal right to own, posses, use, control, enjoy and dispose of real estate or an inheritable right or interest therein. (2) The right
Toll (1) Money paid for the use of a road, bridge, etc. (2) to take away, stop, or defeat. Commonly used to indicate the defeating of the statute of limitations.
Toll Bridge A bridge, the crossing of which requires a fee to be paid.
Topographical Survey Survey showing Survey showing the differences in grade of a parcel of land. Grades are one board, and a corresponding groove in the other.
Topography Surface features of land such as elevation, ridges, slope, contour.
Topsoil The surface or upper layer of soil which determines its suitability for farming.
Township In the survey of public lands of the United States, a territorial subdivision six miles long, six miles wide and containing 36 sections, each one mile square, located between two range line and two to
Traverse Window A window popular in modern construction, having sashes which open horizontally, sliding on separate grooves past each other.
Trespass Wrongful, intentional entry onto the land of another.
Trust Fiduciary relationship in which a person, called a “trustee,” holds title to property for the benefit of another person, called a “beneficiary”. The agreement that establishes the trust, contains its
Tax Clearance (37-I) The Income tax Act, 1961 specifies that any lease transaction for not less than 12 years or any sale transaction, above a prescribed transaction value limit tax, has to undergo a clearance process for
Tenancy - 1. Strictly speaking, the interest of a person holding property by any right or title. 2. More usually, an arrangement, whether by formal lease or informal agreement, whereby formal lease or info
Tenant’s Improvements Improvements to land or buildings to meet the needs of and carried out wholly or partly at the expense of the tenant.
Town and Country planning The determination of policy for the development and use of land and the control of its implementations in urban and rural areas by district and country planning authorities.
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