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M Roof A roof constructed of two double pitched roofs, forming a shape similar to the letter M. Utilizes shorter rafters, making construction easier, and allows a lower overall height .
Magnesite Flooring A synthetic floor, floated approximately 1.5 inches thick, over a concrete floor. Composed of powdered magnesite, magnesium-chloride solution and fillers. Also used for outside steps in areas where co
Maintenance Keeping a property in condition to efficiently serve its intended purpose.
Maintenance Fee As applied to condominiums and planned developments, the amount charged each unit owner to maintain the common area. Usually a monthly fee paid as part of the budget.
Mall (1) A shaded walkway or promenade. Modernly, the pedestrian area of a shopping center. May be open or enclosed (2) A strip between two travel-ways, my be landscaped or paved also called a median strip
Mansard Roof A four sided roof, each side having two separate slopes of different degree, the lower slope is at a much steeper angle than the upper slope.
Marble A hard, single or multicolored limestone. In construction, used in place of tile in more expensive structures.
Market Price The price actually paid for property.
Market Rent Rent obtainable, based on current prices for comparable premises.
Market value The highest price which a buyer, ready, willing and able, but not compelled to buy, would pay, and the lowest price a seller, ready, willing and able, but not compelled to sell, would accept.
Market Value Approach Appraising the value of a property by comparing the price of similar properties (comparables) recently sold. The degrees of similarity of the properties and circumstances of the sale are the important
Master Plan A zoning plan for an entire governmental subdivision, such as a city. A comprehensive plan to allow a city to grow in an orderly and sound manner, both economically and ecologically.
Mile A linear measurement equal to 5280 feet on land and 6076 feet across water (nautical mile).
Mineral Righs The owner ship of the minerals (coal, gold, iron, etc.) under the ground, with or without ownership of the surface of the land.
Mission Architecture A Spanish style of architecture resembling those feature of California missions.
Mobile Home As defined in business and professions code section 10131.6(c), “ mobile home” means a structure transportable in one or more sections, designed and equipped to contain not more than two dwelling unit
Model Home A home, often decorated, which is shown by a builder to prospective buyers of homes yet to be built. An identical home to the model is then constructed on a lot in the subdivision. The model home is g
Modular Construction A system for the construction of dwellings and other improvements to real property through the on-site assembly of component parts (modules) that have been mass produced away from the buildings site.
Mortgage A conditional transfer or pledge of real property as security for the payment of debt.
Motel Originally, a building near am major highway to accommodate travelers, offering a place to sleep and parking. Over the years motels have come to offer most of the features of hotels, such as restauran
MBA Master Bathroom
MBR Master Bedroom
Maintenance In property parlance, the keeping of a building, structure or other physical feature in a specified condition (e.g. wind and weather tight conditions). The approved cost of maintenance may be deductib
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