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Faced Wall A masonry wall, using different materials as a facing and backing, but with facing and backing bonded as one unit for load-bearing.
Farm (1) A large parcel of land devoted to raising crops. (2) Land used for producing dairy products (dairy farm) or for raising certain fish or animals, such as a lobster farm, oyster farm, etc. (3) A geo
Fance A Barrier, usually to enclose ones property, may be made of wood, brick, wire, etc.
Fiberglass Particles of glass spun into a form of insulation, or materials such as used in drapes.
Fixtures Personal property so attached to the land or improvements as to become part of the rate property and is legally treated as real property while so attached. Right to remove same by tenant, may be given
Flagstone A decorative, flat, slate-like stone, used in walk-ways and patios, and processed in a variety of colors.
Flitch Beam A beam formed by 2 or more members, cut lengthwise, called flitches, between any two of which is placed a metal plate for additional strength , and all pieces are bolted together.
Floor Plan The layout of a building or portion of a building (apartment, Office, etc.), showing the size of the rooms and the purpose of each (bath, bedroom, etc.). a good floor plan should be very important to
Foreclosure A legal procedure in which property mortgaged as security for a loan is sold to pay the defaulting borrowers debt.
Forfeiture In connection with the discussion of estates and real property contracts, an owner may impose a condition subsequent in a deed. If the condition is breached, the grantor or grantors successor has the
Franchise A specified privilege awarded by a government or business firm which awards an exclusive dealership, generally within a specified boundary , for a specific product. (1) A statutory right which could n
Freehold Estate An estate of indeterminable duration, e.g., fee simple or life estate.
French Curve A drafts mans tool used in drawing non-circular curves. Also called an irregular curve.
Frontage A term used to describe or identify that part of a parcel of land or an improvement on the land which faces a street. The term is also used to refer to the lineal extent of the land or improvement tha
Front foot Property measurement for sales or valuation purposes, the property measured by the front linear foot on its street line each front foot extending the depth of the lot.
Future Acquired property Property acquired after a loan or sale. For example: A loan agreement may state that the loan is a lien on all property presently owned or which the borrower may acquire in the future.
Fl or Fls Floor(s)
Fur./Unfur Furnished/Unfurnished
FSI Floor Space Index
F S I or Floor Space Index The maximum amount of construction allowed on a given plot of land. This depends on the plot area and would vary from one locality to another based on factors such as the road width. It is generally e
Fair Market Value It is an estimate of price likely to be fetched in the open market.
Fire Certificate A certificate covering matters of safety required under the legislation for hotels, boarding houses, factories, offices shops and railway premises, excluding those buildings containing less than a min
Force Majeure A force, which cannot be resisted, in other words, something beyond the control of the parties involved. It includes acts of God and acts of man, e.g. riot, strikes, arson. In many contracts and insur
Forced Sale Value It is an estimate of price the property of an unwilling seller would fetch in open market in shortest possible time. Non performing assets of a bank if auctioned in the market will have a forced sales
Freehold In general parlance, this is used as shorthand for the tenure of an estate in fee simple absolute in possession. Strictly speaking, however, freehold includes fee simple, entailed interests and tenanc
Frontage (Line) The full length of a plot of land or a building measured alongside the road on to which the plot or building fronts. In the case of contiguous buildings, individual frontages are usually measured to t
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