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Damages The indemnity recoverable by a person who has sustained an injury, either in his or her person, property, or relative rights, through the act or default of another. Loss sustained or harm done to a pe
Dead-end Street A street having ingress and egress at one end only. Differs from cul de sac in that the dead-end street does not have an enlarged area at the closed end for U turns.
Dealer of Property One whose occupation is the sale of real property from inventory, and whose profits on such sales, because of his dealer status, are ordinary income rather than capital gain. One can be a dealer with
Deferred Payments (1) payments to Begin at a future time. (2) Installment Payments.
Design Development The process by which, upon approval of the schematic design, the architect proceeds with the development of the plans and elevations of the building. Drawings establishing all major elements and outli
Developer (1) A builder. (2) One who prepares the raw land for construction and then sells lots to a builder.
Development A planned construction project, rather than simply the building of unrelated buildings.
Disclosure As the name implies, disclosures have to do with revealing pertinent information that is necessary for a person to make a judicious decision regarding the purchase of real estate, investments etc. thi
Division Wall (1) A wall between 2 buildings, but not a part of either. (2) a wall which divides a building into rooms. Differs from a partition in that it is load-bearing.
Double Floor A floor and sub-floor, both of wood.
Down Payment The difference between the sales price of real estate and the mortgage amount.
Drainage (1) The gradual flowing of liquid off a surface. (2) Any system to remove liquid waste or rainwater by having it flow to a designated area.
Duct A pipe, tube, channel or any other unit necessary for conveying gasses, liquids or solid units form one point to another. The term will mostly be identified with air conditioning systems where the tra
Duplex A single structure designed for two-family occupancy. Most commonly refers to units which are side by side, with a common wall and roof.
Dutch Door A door divided horizontally into halfs, each opening and closing independent of the other, or latched together to act as one door.
Dwelling Unit The apartment, building, or group of buildings, occupied by a person as a residence.
DR Dining Room
Deed The legal document conveying title to a property.
Default Failure to make mortgage payments on a timely basis or failure to comply with other requirements of the mortgage.
Depreciation A decline in the value of property brought about by age, physical deterioration, functional or economic obsolescence etc.
Development Control The powers of a local planning authority to control the development and use of land, which includes:- a) The refusal or grant (with or without conditions) of planning permission. b) The issue of enf
Distress Value An owner in an urgent need of liquidation of his asset may sell property much below its true value in market. A person in urgent need of money for major surgery or for daughter’s marriage or to meet
Down Payment The part of the purchase price of a property that the buyer pays in cash and does not finance with a mortgage.
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