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C.A.E. Certified Assessment Evaluator. An assessor who, through the completion of required courses, experience, and examinations, has earned this designation by the International Association of Assessing Off
Capital Assets Assets of a permanent nature used in the production of an income, such as land, buildings, machinery and equipment, etc. under income tax law, it is usually distinguishable from “inventory” which comp
Capital Expenditures Money spent on improvements such as land, buildings, machinery, and similar major expenditures which are not inventory
Carrying Charges The costs involved in keeping a property which is intended to produce income (either by sale or rent) but has not yet done so.
Causeway A raised Roadbed over lowlands.
Caveat Emptor “Let the Buyer Beware.” Legal maxim stating that the buyer takes the risk regarding quality or condition of the item purchased, unless protected by warranty or there is misrepresentation. Modernly, co
Cavity Wall Refers to a brick or stone wall which is actually built as two separate walls, joined only at the top and ends, and so “Hollow”. Also called a hollow wall.
Cement A Mineral powder which, when mixed with water and allowed to set will dry hard and can be used in construction as floors, walls etc.
Cement Block A building block, composed of cement, and usually hollow. (See also: CINDR BLOCK).
Chain of Title The Succession of conveyances from some accepted starting point whereby the present holder of real property derives his title.
Cinder Block A building block composed of cinders (Ashes) and cement, which does not have the weight or strength of a cement block.
Circlehead Window A semicircular window, usually above a door, which has no moving parts and is used as a decoration as well as to admit light.
Classified Property Tax Property tax which varies in rate depending on the use (Zoning classification) of the property.
Clean Room A Room specially designed to have a controlled atmosphere, for health reasons or experimentation accuracy, such as a germ free room or a dust free room.
Clear Title Real property ownership free of liens, defects, encumbrances, or claims.
Cluster Housing Building houses close together with little yard space and a large common are, rather than each house having a large yard. The density is usually greater in the cluster project. Typically used on PUDs.
Colonial Architecture Two story houses with windows divided into small panes, usually with shutters. The main façade is detailed and symmetrical, generally with a center entrance. Architecture following the style of New En
Column Footings The support bases for load-bearing columns. Generally composed of reinforced concrete.
Column Lots Small lots for the placement of columns to support a structure, such as a billboard or other structure which has its largest parts not touching the ground.
Column Steel Steel used inside of a column for reinforcement.
Combed Plywood An interior paneling, grooved as if by a comb.
Combination Door An outer door using interchangeable panels of glass and screen, depending on the weather.
Combination Window A window using interchangeable parts of glass and screen, depending on the weather.
Commercial Acre A term applied to the remainder of an acre of newly subdivided land after the area devoted to streets, sidewalks and curbs, etc., has been deducted from the acre.
Commercial Property Property which is zoned “commercial” (For business use). Property such as stores, restaurants, etc., falling between residential and industrial.
Community Property Property acquired by husband and /or wife during a marriage when not acquired as the separate property of either spouse. Each spouse has equal rights of management, alienation and testamentary disposi
Compensation A payment to make amends for the abridgement of rights or an injury. In condemnation, the payment for the taking of a persons property without the owners consent.
Concrete A cement mixture containing sand and gravel which is combined by missing with water, poured to a desire shape, and hardens as it dries.
Conditional Sale Contract A contract for the sales of property stating that delivery is to be made to the buyer, title to remain vested in the seller until the conditions of the contract have been fulfilled.
Condominium An estate in real property wherein there is an undivided interest in common in a portion of real property coupled with a separate interest in space called a unit, the boundaries of which are described
Contemporary Architecture A general term encompassing any number of modern designs which do not conform to any traditional architectural styles.
Contour Line (1). A line showing the shape (outline) of a parcel of land or body of water. (2). A line on a topographical map connecting all portions of the property which have the same elevation.
Contract An agreement to do or not to do a certain thing. It must have four essential elements, parties capable of contraction, consent of the parties, a lawful object, and consideration. A contract for sales
Contractors Varied classification of individuals and / or firms used in performing work on construction projects. These varied classifications normally fall under the heading of “SUB-CONTRACTOR”. The function of
Cost Estimating (1) In construction, the expenditure of building based on a detailed cost of materials to be used. (2) In appraisal , the term is general , referring to replacement cost, but not limited to a specific
Co-tenancy Ownership of an interest in a particular parcel of land by more than one person, e.g. tenancy in common, joint tenancy.
Curable depreciation Items of physical deterioration and functional obsolescence which are customarily repaired or replaced property owner.
Curb Cuts The part of a curb which lowers the street level to form the apron of a driveway.
Curb Line The line between the right of way for automobiles (Road) and the right of way for pedestrians (Sidewalk).
Curtain Wall An outside wall which lends no structural support to a building, but acts merely to enclose.
Cpkg Car Parking
CA Central Air Conditioning
Carpet Area Area within the walls where you can actually lay a carpet. It is the super built-up area minus the thickness of the walls and the proportionate share of the common areas.
Central Business District Commercial area located towards the city centre, forming the hub of all major commercial activities in a city. Most of the larger corporate houses, shopping malls, retail outlets, financial institutio
Clear Title A title that is free of claims or legal questions about the ownership of the property.
Clearance Area An area which is to be cleared of all buildings. Generally promulgated by way of a government declaration, which is normally followed by the acquisition of the land and the clearance of the area.
Closing The conclusion of the sales transaction when the seller transfers title to the buyer in exchange for funds.
Collateral Something of value deposited with a lender as a pledge to secure repayment of a loan.
Completion Certificate/ Statement 1. A statement prepared by solicitors, usually those acting for a purchaser and a vendor, respectively, following the transfer of an interest in property, giving a schedule of sums received leading to
Contract A document of agreement between two parties valid under the law of the state.
Conveyance A document transferring title to land from one person to another.
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